Name: Emil Johansson

Instagram: johanssoemil

Nationality: Swedish

Sport/Discipline: Freeride Mountain bike

Hometown: Falun, Sweden

Team/Sponsors: Trek Bikes, Red Bull, Fasthouse, SRAM, Rock Shox, Maxxis, Industry Nine, Sixpack Racing, Thule, Giro, G-Form, Etnies, HT Components, Sensus Grips.

Key achievements:
4 x Slopestyle World Champion
3 x Triple Crown Winner
13 x Crankworx Gold medalist

Goals/Ambitions: Too many to list, but key is having fun with it and pushing myself to new heights

Hero/Idol: I have taken inspiration from so many over the years, that listing just some wouldn’t be fair

Hobbies: Besides biking, I spend a lot of time in the gym and enjoying other outdoor activities. I love to go skiing whenever the schedule allows me to

More than just a sponsored athlete: Emil’s role with AVAIL PERFORMANCE OPTICS® goes far beyond that of sponsored athlete and Brand ambassador. As a co owner of AVAIL, Emil’s experience in product development runs deep into the heart of the business. Just like Emil we challenge ourselves every day to perform at the highest level, producing World class results and products through hard work, knowledge and dedication #VISUALISESUCCESS®